Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Event on a Dreary Day

I got a surprise phone call this afternoon. Caller ID on my cell phone showed it was Donya calling, but when I answered it was a man. Turned out to be James from Denver. He was on the patio at Pete's with Donya and Danny. It was so good to hear from him. He has emphysema, too, and according to Danny he has had some rough days. He was in such a good mood and happy to surprise me. It was fun talking to him.

I got to talk to Donya for a couple of minutes, too. She keeps asking when I am coming "home." After I visit Terri and Don in Texas, I will have to start planning my trip to Denver.

It is good to have such fun friends.

Time Flies

I have always heard that time seems to pass quicker as you get older. This is so true. It doesn't seem possible that this is the last day of January. It seems that Christmas just passed, and here we are well into the new year.

Wayne's retirement is still going well. In other words, we haven't tried to kill each other as yet. We have gotten so lazy; at least one of us sleeps until near noon every day. We would probably sleep even later if the dogs didn't think they needed to go out from time to time.

A few weeks ago, we went out to eat with Charlie and Pat. Charlie was working at the music store that evening, and we agreed to meet at Applebee's after he closed up at seven. We stayed long enough to close the place up. It was fun.

One evening last week, Wayne and I went to the Red Lobster to eat. I hadn't had steak and lobster for ages, and until I looked at the menu and saw how much it was, I had thought I might get that. It is up to $26.95 now, and that is just too much. I was going to get my usual shrimp meal, but Wayne talked me into getting the steak and lobster.

When our meal came, the sirloin I had ordered to be cooked medium was more like well done. The waiter offered to take it back, but I told him that it was okay. Once I started eating, I realized how bad it really was. When we were ready to pay, our waiter, Bryce, brought our check and told us he had gotten them to take off for the overcooked steak. I couldn't believe it; they had taken $23.00 off of our bill. Not often you can get lobster, baked potato, and salad for three ninety-five. Besides, I had had over half of the steak to bring home to the dogs. Not such a bad evening, after all.

Bryce said that he knew they sometimes overcooked the steaks, so he had put in the order as medium rare, even though I ordered it for medium. When he saw what they had done to the steak, he got management to take some off of the bill. Why they took so much off I don't know, but I do know we will ask for Bryce whenever we go back. lol

We are under a winter weather watch for today, but so far the expected snow hasn't arrived. A few days ago, we got an inch or two of new snow, but the real story was the wind. It was fun to sit in front of the window and watch the snow blowing straight across. At times we could barely see the house across the street from us.

I didn't make any resolutions this year. The only one I even considered was not to forward so many emails. As long as everyone, especially Kay, keep sending such funny mails, I wouldn't have been able to keep the resolution, anyway.

I am getting so eager to go to Texas and Colorado. I have to plan my trips around my oxygen delivery, so I'll be sure to have enough to take with me. This last order included one empty large tank, and a half empty small tank. Not a good thing.

I think when I go to Texas, I will drive straight through. It is easier to drive eleven or twelve hours than it is for me to take an overnight bag, handbag, and oxygen tank into a motel. I'm so glad that I can pay for gas at the tank; saves lots of walking. Now if I just had a porta-potty for the car, I would be all set. lol

I will probably go to Texas in February or early March, and then to Denver later. I want it warm enough that I can sit on the patio at Pete's when I go to Denver. Gives me something to do that doesn't affect my breathing, while Danny and Donya are working. I will probably stay with Donya, as usual. That is always fun, and she makes me feel so welcome. I'll be glad to see her little boy, Kyle, too. I hope Danny someday gets a first floor apartment so that I can stay with him some. I can't take the three flights of stairs to his present apartment. I hate not being able to breathe.

Our social life has been picking up some since Wayne retired. On the evening of the seventh, we are invited to a pot luck supper at one of the police employee's homes in Liberty. The next day, we are going somewhere to listen to Charlie's band play a benefit concert. We're also planning to go back to Holt for the Sunday jam session before long. We aren't the jet set, but at least we are getting out more.

The worst thing about Wayne's retirement has to be the television being on nearly all the time. I lie down nearly every afternoon, so that I don't have to watch hunting, cooking, or remodeling shows for hours. Oh, yes, mustn't forget the military channel. I go in the bedroom and listen to an audio book, watch a movie, or nap. It gets me ready to face the same type programs during the evening. Our tastes in television are definately different.

Time to put this evening's roast on to cook, so I will stop this boring recitation for a while.

Come on snow!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Looking Back and Forward

What a year 2007 was!

In May Garret came home from England to marry his beautiful Kalee. With him in the Air Force in England, a lot of their wedding plans were made via internet and phone. It was up to Kalee and her mom to do most of the actual work, and they did it beautifully. I think this was one of the most upbeat weddings I have ever attended. Kalee's dance with her father at the reception brought tears to my eyes. How perfect! I am so happy that Kalee is our new daughter-in-law, but I wish they lived closer than England.

Danny was able to be at the wedding, and that was wonderful. Garret had asked Danny to be a groomsman, but he was not sure until the last minute whether he would able to be there. So, Garret asked his dad to be a groomsman. Wayne was so proud.

I got to see little Danny, my new great-grandson while big Danny was here. I hadn't seen his son, Alan, for some time, so that was neat, too.

I took Danny home to Denver a couple of days after the wedding, and as usual, that was fun. That has to be one of my favorite places. I made another trip out to visit later in the year, and had a ball that time, too.

In June, my grandson, Derek, married his long time girlfriend Kristen. They had a beautiful wedding, too, although it poured that day. The reception was a lot of fun, too. Terri had been hoping for this for a long time, as she and Don really like Kristen.

My daughter, Terri, and son-in-law, Don, moved to Texas in October. This is the first time Terri has lived more than a few minutes from me, so she is missed. The good thing about it, is that I have another place to visit! I love to travel, but can't afford to stay in motels much.

Terri and Don were back for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so that was good.

One bad thing that happened this year was the death from cancer of Terri's and Don's dog, Bear. He was a wonderful dog, and they did everything they could for him. He had a pretty good life, thanks to them.

In November there was another big change in our lives when Wayne retired. We had thought that would be a big adjustment, but it seems so natural for him to be home. In December he resigned from the Housing Authority and filed for City Council. That election will be in April. I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about that.

I was going to write more about the coming year, but I think I have rambled on long enough for this time.

I hope everyone has a wonderful year.