Friday, February 20, 2009


Pointers' Jewelry called yesterday afternoon to tell me my ring had been repaired and the two rings had been fastened together. This afternoon Wayne and I went to Richmond and got them. They did a great job; you can't tell the ring was ever damaged. We got to visiting with the owner, Roger, and ended up standing there talking for over an hour. He, his wife, and his sister, as well as the young girl who works for them, are all great people. We haven't actually talked to the man who does the repairs, but he does wonderful work.

Wayne told Roger about my adventure in Arkansas, and he had to tell his wife about it when she came in. My getting the ring stuck on my finger got lots of laughs, too. Roger kept telling Wayne to just bring me back whenever I got another one stuck, and he would cut it off for us. I'm glad I can be so entertaining for folks.

Then we got to talking about the "true" stories I told my kids about belly buttons and chickens with wooden legs, so now the folks at the jewelry store will probably never take me seriously.

When I had shoulder surgery, my pulmonary doctor, Larry Botts, asked me how I had injured it. He didn't believe me when I told him I injured it bull riding or sky diving, but when Wayne told him that I fell off a bar stool, he said that he could believe that. IT WAS NOT TRUE. I get no respect.

Yesterday I sent an email to one of my favorite authors to tell her how much I liked her books. I received an answer from her today. I can't believe that she took time from her busy schedule to write to me. Very impressive.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today is cloudy with temperature in the low thirties. I don't think we are forecast to have snow or rain, but there is a really damp feel to the air. Good day for staying inside and snuggling down with a good book.

I got into the habit of listening to audio books at night, before falling asleep. I had started actually reading four other books, but just couldn't get into them. Then I picked up one of Nancy Pickard's books from her Marie Lightfoot series. I am conpletely hooked on reading, again. I had read and liked her earlier books, but for some reason had not started this series. Now I am glad that I had not read it in the past. They are so good; kind of books you don't want to end, but you can't stop reading. I have read the first two in the series, but I am reading an Alex Kava book before I read the third one. Kava's book is from the library, so I want to get it read and returned as soon as possible. Besides, the third Marie Lightfoot book is the last in the series, so far anyway, so I don't want to finish it too soon.

Now to bring you up to date on my latest dumb move, my ring caper. I couldn't find anything to make the ring slip off of my finger, so a week ago yesterday Wayne cut it off. My ring, not my finger. Last Wednesday we took both rings to Pointer's Jewelry in Richmond, and they are repairing the wedding band and fastening the two rings together. I will wear them on my right hand from now on. They are to be ready by the twenty-fourth, and I will be glad to get them back.

Wayne has a big Harley Davidson motorcycle which he seldom rides. He said the other day that he had thought about selling it and buying a scooter. I am safe from the motorcycle as it is too heavy for me to hold up, but I can just imagine my trying to ride a scooter. No telling what bad thing would occur.

Many, many years ago, when he was young, Danny had a trail bike. I thought that it would be fun to learn to ride it. It was summertime, so Danny, Terri, and their dad and I went to Washington School for me to learn to ride. I was cautioned about turning too sharply, so when I started toward the teeter-totter, I was afraid to turn and so ran headfirst into it. No damage, luckily.

I decided that I would practice driving it in our yard, which was softer than the playground in case of accidents. The day I was going to practice, I looked out the kitchen window and saw Danny had lined up the benches from the picnic table, and all the neighbor kids were settling in to "watch Danny's mom wreck." Needless to say, I didn't get on it that day or anytime in the future.

Wayne just got out of our most comfortable chair, so I am going to grab my book and a blanket and enjoy the afternoon.

Friday, February 6, 2009


As I told about in an earlier blog, it was a Thursday when I got lost in Arkansas with a flat tire, and the following Thursday when I was run off the road and damaged a tire and the rim. I'm not really superstitious, but I still have been avoiding driving on Thursdays since those incidents.

A little over a week ago, I began having very bad pain in my lower back. My husband talked me into going to a chiropractor. My last appointment was this last Thursday. I drove to the appointment and home without a thought of what day it was. My husband had to take his truck to the garage to be worked on, and I followed him there to bring him home. I didn't ruin a single tire!!

I don't claim to be the most intelligent person in the world, but I don't consider myself dumb, either. I may have to change my thoughts about that. Getting lost was bad enough, but it can happen to anyone. Right? Well, guess what I have done now.

Some time ago, one of our dogs pulled me down and caused me to hit my head, break two fingers, and cause my neck and shoulder to become painful. All of this was taken care of. My fingers were broken in the joints, so the middle joint on my ring finger is larger than a normal joint. The day the fall occurred, I was able to take my wedding and engagement rings off before the finger became too swollen.

I have been wearing my rings on my right hand since the accident. The other night, I was lying in bed listening to an audio book when I made another dumb decision. I decided to see if my rings would fit back on my left hand. I took the rings off of my right hand, and put my wedding band on my left hand. It didn't go on easy, but I managed to get it on. It was hard enough to get on that I decided not to try the engagement ring. Good decision.

To make a long story short, I will be spending this evening with my left hand in a bowl of ice, trying to get the swelling down enough that I can get my wedding ring back off. If this doesn't work, my husband is going to cut it off, as it is very tight.

How to I keep doing these things? I used to think I was pretty normal, but I am beginning to wonder a little. Oh, well, life doesn't get to boring for those around me. I keep everyone laughing, and that must be a good thing.

This and That and Good and Bad

After reading Terri's post the other day, Scattered Thoughts of an East Texas Housewife, I got to thinking about how lucky she was to remember her grandparents. I decided to record a few things about my mother that my children and their children might not know about her.

In her later years she had put on quite a bit of weight, but I can remember her when she was thin. I also have pictures of her when she looked as though a good wind could blow her away. She was just a little over five feet tall, but she looked like a giant when she was mad at me. When we were bad, my brother and I had to cut a switch off of a bush that grew by our front porch. This was what she spanked us with. Yes, I got quite a few of those spankings. I might have cried when I was spanked, but my brother would scream for mother not to kill him. I don't know what the neighbors thought. lol

My mother was forty-one when she became a widow, and she was left with a five year old son and a nineteen month old daughter, and no job. My parents had a house loan through a local bank, and a short time after my father's death, the bank told her that they were going to recall the loan. My grandpa Williams got so mad that he went down to the bank and paid off our house loan with cash. All of the family who banked there, then transferred their money to a different bank. My mother went to work in the office of Missouri Power and Light, and was able to pay my grandpa back for the house.

Some other facts you may not know about Grandma Ruby, my mother, was that she had one foot a half size smaller than the other. She had to buy good shoes in the size of the smaller foot, and then have one of the shoes stretched. Better than having to buy two different sizes.

Here are a few other things about my mother.

She liked to fish, but she didn't like their taste. Her feet caused her a lot of trouble, and she loved to have them massaged. She also liked having her back rubbed when she came home from work. Mother loved to go places, but always wanted to be home in her own bed at night. She could not drive. As she was so short, she thought if she hid our Christmas presents on a high shelf, we would be unable to reach them. Wrong. We almost always opened them and put them back before Christmas. I was a bit of a tomboy, and I would climb doorways by putting a foot on each side of the door and working my way up. I could then get the presents and hand them down to my brother. Mother's arthritic hands began bothering her at an early age, and wrapping was hard for her. So, it was easy to unwrap and rewrap the presents.

When my father was alive, they would go to Kansas City to hockey games. They also went to Kansas City to see the Marx brothers. My mother always watched professional football on television. She read several books a week. She was a very good mother, and I miss her a lot. She was so proud of her grandchildren. I'm sorry that they didn't get to know her better.