Saturday, August 22, 2009

Congratulations to Garret

I can't believe that I left this out of my other blog! A few months ago Garret took the tests for advancement to Staff Sgt. Thursday the results were posted, and he passed with flying colors. It will still be a while before he is actually promoted, but at least he knows that he passed and the promotion is coming. I didn't doubt but what he would pass, but it was still good to hear for sure.

Have a ham in the oven, and it really smells good! Will probably just have hot ham sandwiches tonight, and then in a day or so we'll cook a big pot of beans. The best thing about air conditioning is being able to eat whatever you want any time of year.

Have to tell you about Wayne and cell phones next time.

Friday, August 21, 2009


This was a fun day. We met Garret and Kalee for lunch in Liberty at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We must have sat there talking at least an hour after eating, then came back to our house. Garret and Wayne varnished a library index card file that Kalee had bought at an on-line auction, and she and I looked at pictures on-line of some of the houses they are looking at in Maryland.

Then Wayne showed them some of his old family dishes that he will be dividing among his kids. They stayed a while longer and had some pie. It was fun and I was sorry to see them go.

They had been using our car since they got here from England, but they have bought one now, so my car is back. I didn't mind them using it at all, but I'm still glad to have it back.

Terri was here again for several days. She and Don had found a home they liked near Richmond, and after a little back and forth, they made an acceptible bid. The house is empty, so they were able to speed up closing, and should be able to close by the third of September. Terri has already made arrangements with the movers, and things are moving right along. Their home in Texas hasn't sold yet, but they will still be able to move right away.

Terri and I went to lunch one day this week, and we had a lot of fun. Don was working and we didn't invite Wayne to go with us. It was fun spending time alone with her. She and her dad left for Texas the day after that.

Garret and Kalee will be here another week, but that isn't nearly long enough for me. Although after they leave I may be able to drive to Denver to spend some time with Danny. I've been trying to visit him for months.

I talked to Dr. Coleman's office this week, but about all they could tell me was that I don't have cancer. I was having a "flare up" when they took the last samples, so apparently the pathologist couldn't tell if they had gotten all of the pre-cancer cells. I will have a blood test in three months, and maybe they will be able to tell me something more positive then. At least I didn't get really bad news.

Weather this week has been almost like fall. Not quite that cool, but cool enough we turned the furnace on for a short time a couple of mornings. We turn the air down to sixty-three at night, and the house wasn't warming up very fast on those mornings.

Wayne had Lodge last Monday night, and I really enjoyed that time. The worst thing about being married is never having any time to yourself. I've always been this way; enjoy being alone at least a few hours a week. Or day.

I don't think we have any plans for the weekend, so maybe I will actually get some ironing done. I've been putting it off for way too long.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Back to the waiting game. I had my Sigmoidoscopy yesterday afternoon, so now I am just waiting to hear the results. Most of the time I am optimistic, but I am also nervous. I don't think I have cancer, and neither does Dr. Coleman, but until I hear for sure, I'm sure I will notice every little pain and feelings of discomfort. It will be a week to ten days before Dr. Coleman gets the results.

I didn't have to have sedation yesterday, so we were able to go out to eat as soon as we left the hospital. I hadn't eaten for over twenty-four hours, so I was ready.

Terri thought that they had their house sold, but the potential buyers didn't show up for their appointment with the realtor on Friday. She and Don will be house hunting in this area this coming week, and hopefully they find something soon. It will be good to have her living close again, but I will miss their Texas home. For their sake, I hope it sells quickly.

Garret and Kalee will be flying out of Heathrow Airport tomorrow, on their way to Chicage. From there they will fly into KCI, arriving around seven-thirty tomorrow evening. Can't wait to see them.

Been talking to Danny a lot, via phone, e-mail, and Facebook. Love keeping in touch with him. Miss seeing him. Still planning to go to Denver to see him when all the health things are taken care of. I want to sit on the patio at Greektown and catch up with my friends there.

I had a strange experience this afternoon. When my mother died several years ago, Wayne and I got her everyday silverwear. I reached in the drawer to get a spoon this afternoon, and when I picked it up I had the strangest feeling wash over me. I looked down and noticed that I had picked up one of mother's spoons. I really can't explain the feeling. It was almost like she was there. I really miss her and think of her often, but this is the first time something like this has happened. I wasn't even thinking of her when I picked up the spoon, and didn't notice it was one of her's until after I seemed to feel someone there. It wasn't scary, just strange.

I had an email from a favorite email friend recently (from California), and I realized how easy it is to lose touch with people. I am going to try harder to be a better friend. Better answer that email right now.