Sunday, October 18, 2009


Beautiful day!  After an absence of several days, the sun is shining.  The sky is a beautiful blue, and the fall trees are beautiful in their red and yellow  leaves.  It has been so dark and dreary lately, which makes today even more beautiful.

Wayne got to work on the new porch/deck for an hour or so today. He could have gotten a lot more done, but he had to go to a Mason's installation dinner.  I could have gone, but after showering and washing my hair, I was so out of breath I decided to stay home.  They had their annual elections a couple of weeks ago, so Wayne no longer has to furnish and prepare meals or snacks for the meetings. He has been elected to the cemetery board for the next year, which will be a lot easier for him.

Speaking of the Mason's, I started Dan Brown's latest book, LOST SYMBOLS, a few weeks ago, but still haven't finished it.  To be truthful, I got really bored with it.  I will probably go back to it from time to time, but can't imagine it holding my interest long enough for me to finish it at one sitting.

Terri and Don are mostly settled in their new home.  They have a lot of yard work to do, but I imagine most of that will have to wait until Spring.

Garret and Kalee moved into their new row house Thursday.  Kalee has really good taste, so I imagine she will soon have it looking wonderful.  They have been a little aprehensive about this move, but I think they are really going to love their place

Danny is working again, thank goodness, so his mood has improved.  At least while he was off work he got a lot of song writing done.  Wish he would get his music recorded.  Some of his songs are really great.  And I don't think this is just a mother speaking, either. lol

We have a lot of health stuff coming up.  I will have to have a blood test done in November, in reference to my colon problems. We are both getting our regular flu shots November 6th, and Wayne has an appointment on the 4th for an eye exam. I need to make an eye appointment, too. In December I go back to Dr. Botts for my six month pulmonary visit. I think that is all we have scheduled.

I am getting hungry, and I think I will slice an apple and heat up the caramel apple dip. Hey, apples are healthy. 

Friday, October 2, 2009


Wayne worked on our new back porch this week, and it is really looking good.  He took yesterday and today off  from working on it, yesterday because of rain, and today just to rest his back.  He is planning on building a new step and moving the dog to Jackie's run tomorrow.  He will soon be starting on the ramp and putting the new railings up.  It will be nice to have it done, even though I probably won't be taking advantage of it for a while.  The car carrier for my power chair is rather expensive, and I'm not eager to spend that money.  I am eager to be able to spend more time in bookstores, etc., so I have mixed feelings.

Talk about mixed feelings, I am getting itcy feet to take a trip.  I am really wanting to go to Denver to see Danny, but with the weather cooling off it feels so cozy staying inside with a good book. My body seems to think I am getting ready to hibernate, I can't get enough to eat.  As soon as I finish eating something, I start planning what I can eat most.  This is not a good thing.

We ate lunch at Country Buffet Thursday, and while Wayne was eating dessert, I took a survey about the restaurant, which earned me a card for a free meal.  It is good until the end of October, and I know we will go back there in time for me to use it. Where else can two adults eat lunch, including drinks and desserts, for just over thirteen dollars?

Garret and Kalee moved from the base hotel to a long term motel today.  They were looking forward to having a kitchenette, but were disappointed when they found out what a fully furnished kitchen consisted of. One pan, one skillet, and a plastic spatula. Not much in way of dishes, either.  The good part is that they will be closing on their new house in only thirteen days, so they won't be in the motel very long.  The bank estimate on their place came back, and it was estimated to be worth a lot more than they are paying for it, so that made them very happy.

Trees are starting to change colors and the temperature right now is 51 degrees.  Brrrr

This is going to be a good sleeping night.  I hope.