Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Are you left or right handed?  My mother and brother were left handed, and I am right handed, as was my father.  Two of my children are right handed, and one is left handed. There are some things that I can do with either hand, such as iron clothes or sweep the floor.  I imagine that is because while my natural tendency is to do these things right handed, I learned to iron and sweep from my left handed mother.  I also shoot a rifle or shotgun left handed, but a hand gun right handed.

My older son is left handed, but he also uses the right hand for some things. He plays guitar left handed, kicks a football left handed, bats left handed, throws a ball right handed but a frisbee left handed.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It has been nearly a week and a half since Garret left for Iraq, and I am feeling much better about the situation.  We have been talking with him nearly every day via Skype, and it has helped to hear his voice.  He was in Qatar for a couple of days, and I was glad when he got away from there.  It was very dry and dusty, and he had already picked up a cough from the poor air quality.  He sounds better since arriving in Baghdad, although I saw where they were having wind and dust there today.

He started his new job immediately upon arriving in Baghdad, didn't even get to settle in his quarters before flying out on a training mission, but has had a little down time since then.

Anyway, I miss him so much, but I am not worrying quite as much.