Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reasons I Blog

It seems most of what I blog about concerns the stupid things I do. I do seem to have more than my share of "experiences", but my life is not always like that. Today for instance, Wayne and I took Charlie's wife Pat to her doctor appointment in Liberty. Charlie was working and she did not have anyone else available to take her. We were glad that we could help her out. On the way home, we stopped at Wal-Mart so she could drop off her prescription. She didn't want to wait for it, as they were very busy. She said that she would pick it up when Charlie got home. Pretty normal day.

Yesterday we stayed home until late afternoon, and then went to Lone Star Steakhouse for supper. We asked for our favorite waiter, Cory, and did eat in his area. Food was delicious, and we even had a little bit of steak left to bring home to the dogs. Nothing unusual about that.

Of course, there was Monday. I had an appointment with the Chiropractor for my back. Again. When he told me to turn from my stomach to my side, I hit my hand on something on the table/bed. Didn't give it another thought until I was standing at the counter talking to the receptionist, and I looked down and saw blood dripping onto the counter. My finger was bleeding heavily. She gave me a Kleenex, but that wasn't enough. Dr. Decker got a wet paper towel and wrapped it around my finger, but it kept bleeding. Then Dr. Decker put a band aid on my finger, and that controlled the bleeding. The cut was only about an inch long, and not too deep, but it is still pretty sore.

The rest of my day was very normal. I stopped by the library and the bank on the way home, and nothing else unusual happened.

This proves that I am normal (be quiet Derek and Don), and can go out in public like anyone else. SO THERE! One occurrence over three days isn't bad.