Tuesday, March 30, 2010


A childhood friend reminded me of the fun we had together when we were young.  We were next door neighbors, and I played with Anna and her sister Annette nearly every day.  In the summer we usually played cowboys and Indians.  There were some tall, thick plants that grew along the road on the north side of my yard, and we would break them off next to the ground and use them for horses.  That was back in the days when kids used their immaginations a lot.  We also sometimes played war, and of course we were the good guys, the Americans.

Back then milk and bread were brought to our homes in delivery trucks.  I liked to meet the milk truck around the block near my aunt and uncle's house, and the milk man would let me ride in the open door as far as my house.  Sometimes we would save up our change so we could buy a half pint of ice cream from him, and I would bring out spoons for everyone so we could sit on our back porch and share. Ice cream never tasted better.

I don't know if Anna remembers this, but one day I stole a doll from her and Annette.  I don't remember if the girls wouldn't play with me that day, or if their mother wouldn't let them come over for some reason.  But then my brother suggested that I take a doll they left lying in their front yard, and hold it for ramsom. I believe the idea was that I would give it back when they agreed to play.  Anyway, their mother was standing at the kitchen window when I took the doll, so I was forced to give it back.  Then she really wouldn't let them play with me.  Thankfully, I was forgiven and we remained friends.

I was a real tomboy when I was young, and much preferred toy guns and such over girl toys.  The Montgomery Ward and Sears Christmas catalogs were always nearly worn out before Christmas.  One year I mentioned to my aunt that a doll in one of the catalogs was pretty.  I was so disappointed on Christmas morning when my present from her and my uncle was that doll.  It wasn't even a baby doll that you could feed and diaper.  It was a "pretty doll" that I couldn't see much use for. So, for a month or so it lay on my bed during the day and on a chair at night.  After a while it ended up in a toy box, ignored.  After that I was careful what I mentioned around my aunt.

Thanks for the memories, Anna.  Those were really fun times.  Kids today have no idea the good times they missed.