Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have been thinking about this posting for some time, trying to get my thoughts in order. Because I feel so emotional about this, my mind keeps rushing back and forth. I'm not sure that I am really ready to do it, but here goes.

My ancestors came to this country in the 1600's.  I think they have fought in nearly every war our country has been involved in.  I know they fought in some of the Indian Wars, the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War.  In fact, family members fought on opposite sides in the Civil War.  I'm not really sure about World War I, but we were well represented in World War II.  My brother was excused from the draft when his time came, as he had some weaknessess left in his muscles from the polio he suffered as a child.  There were cousins in Viet Nam, a war I did not believe we should be involved in. 

As I believe I have mentioned before, I was a tomboy growing up.  Besides playing cowboys and Indians, I also played cops and robbers and of course, war.  I can remember how noble I felt rolling down the bank on the north side of our yard, pretending I had been shot and with my last breath I was holding the American flag high.

But now war is no longer a game, or something to hear family stories about.  It is no longer fun.  It is real, and it is the scariest thing I have ever had to face.  Garret, my youngest, leaves for Iraq in four days.  He will be gone for six months.

He and his wife have been busy preparing for his deployment.  We were hoping to see him before he leaves, but there was just no way we could arrange it.  He certainly didn't have time to come home, and we couldn't afford to go to Maryland. It is probably just as well, he wouldn't like me crying over him all the time.  He keeps telling me that he wants to go, and that he is not worried.  I know that his job is not the most dangerous, but that is small comfort.  He is my child, and I will worry.  He is going to see and experience things that he never dreamed of.  I hope he is mentally and physically ready for this.

So, we will send him hugs and kisses, and wish him God speed home.  We will pray for him, send him mail, and talk to him on Skype when we can.  We will be here when Kalee needs to talk, or wants to share thoughts with us.  And we will count the days and wait.

I love you, Garret.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Do you ever have one of those dreams which make no sense, but which seem to follow you around all day?  I had one of those last night, and it has kept popping up in my mind all day.

I dreamed I had just given birth to a baby girl.  The hospital was going to dismiss us right away, but since I told them that I was s-o-o-o tired they said that we could stay one night.  I have no idea where my baby was, but apparently I spent the night on the floor of what appeared to be a doctor's exam room.  In the morning, I realized that I had forgotten to bring anything for the baby to wear home, and had not even purchased a car seat.  So, after searching some time for my clothes I headed off to Wal-Mart. 

Upon my return to the hospital, I had a terrible time trying to figure out where I was supposed to go to check my baby and I out.  A concerned nurse finally showed me where to go and explained the procedure.  After dressing my child, I would have to go to the parking lot and bring my car up to one of the doors.  Then I would come inside to get the child, and the nurse would take us back out to the car in a wheelchair.  Hospital procedure, you see. 

I was really wishing that I had someone to help me with all of this, but my husband (Wayne?) was out of town, and Terri, my daughter, was working.  I don't know where everyone else in the family were.

I woke up before finding out if my new daughter and I ever made it home.  At the time I woke up, I was trying to decide what to name her.  I still haven't picked out a name.  Any suggestions?

Blizzard of 2011

This past week was a week of weather alerts.  We had winter storm advisories, winter storm warnings, blizzard warnings, and wind chill warnings.  In spite of all of this, I didn't think the weather was near as bad as some we have had.  Sure, we had a lot of snow and blowing snow, but within one day all of the main roads were open.  Some of the back roads are still bad, I hear, but that is not so ununual after a winter storm.  Interstate 70 was closed one night, between Kansas City and St. Louis, and that was unusual.  All in all, I would say we got off pretty lucky.  Ice storms elsewhere had big power outages and hundreds of stranded motorists.  I do feel sorry for all the school kids who will have so many days to make up.  Schools are reportedly trying to decide now whether to lengthen the school days, schedule Saturday school, or extend the school year to make up those days.