Monday, March 10, 2008

Gone Country

It is hard to believe that Wayne has been retired for four months. Even harder to believe, is how well we get along. I didn't expect a lot of arguments, etc., but I wasn't expecting how laid back our lives would be. We each get up when we're ready or sleep as long as we want. We consult each other about any plans we may have, but don't depend entirely on the other to plan our days. Very relaxed.

I finally made it to Texas to visit Terri and Don, but it wasn't easy. On the eighth of February, we went to a get-together of some people and their families from the police department. There was some smoking there, but it didn't seem to bother my breathing. The next day, Saturday, we went to Gators in Platte Woods to hear Charlie's band play. Since it is a bar and grill, there was a lot of smoking there. It was beginning to bother me some by the time we left, but I didn't give it much thought.

The next day my throat was sore and I felt that I had a lot of congestion. To make a long story short, I had planned to leave Monday or Tuesday for Texas, but I kept putting it off until the fourteenth. I felt a lot better when I left home that morning, but by the time I had gotten lost three times and stretched a twelve hour drive into nearly a fourteen hour drive, I felt pretty bad. I was afraid that I had made a big mistake by going, but after a few days I felt okay. I still don't know if it were being around so much smoke or if it were a cold or something that made me feel so bad.

I love Terri's home. The master suite is at one end of the house, and the former master bedroom and bath, which they use as a guest suite, are at the other end . We ate out some and did some sight seeing, but the majority of the time we stayed at home and visited. Very relaxing and fun, too. I really like where they live, and I look forward to going back.

Coming home, I only got lost once, so that didn't take as long.

My next trip may be in April, when I plan to visit Danny in Denver. That is always fun, too. And, I know how to get there!

This coming Saturday we are going someplace to hear Charlie's band, but I can't remember where it is that they are playing.

Have I mentioned that Wayne is running for City Council? He is keeping his campaign pretty low key; a few signs and business cards but nothing costly. The election is in April.

Wayne has now reached third degree in the Masons, whatever that means. Last week we went to a jewelry store in Richmond, and he ordered his Masonic ring. It will be here in two weeks or so. Very nice.

A week ago we went to a chili supper at another Mason lodge in Missouri City. We are becoming so active in our old age. We have been doing more and going more places since he retired, than we had in years.

Oops. Nearly forgot to mention my new cowboy hat. We got it at the Stetson Outlet in St. Joseph before my trip to Texas. Some people may think it silly, but I really like it. I figure I am old enough to do what I want without worrying about what others think. Let them think I am senile; I'm having a ball.

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Kalee said...

The jewelry store in Richmond is owned by a family friend....he let me borrow the gorgeous vintage diamond earrings for the wedding, and I sooooo highly recommend him!

You're not senile, eccentric maybe, but hey, that's a good thing!