Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today is cloudy with temperature in the low thirties. I don't think we are forecast to have snow or rain, but there is a really damp feel to the air. Good day for staying inside and snuggling down with a good book.

I got into the habit of listening to audio books at night, before falling asleep. I had started actually reading four other books, but just couldn't get into them. Then I picked up one of Nancy Pickard's books from her Marie Lightfoot series. I am conpletely hooked on reading, again. I had read and liked her earlier books, but for some reason had not started this series. Now I am glad that I had not read it in the past. They are so good; kind of books you don't want to end, but you can't stop reading. I have read the first two in the series, but I am reading an Alex Kava book before I read the third one. Kava's book is from the library, so I want to get it read and returned as soon as possible. Besides, the third Marie Lightfoot book is the last in the series, so far anyway, so I don't want to finish it too soon.

Now to bring you up to date on my latest dumb move, my ring caper. I couldn't find anything to make the ring slip off of my finger, so a week ago yesterday Wayne cut it off. My ring, not my finger. Last Wednesday we took both rings to Pointer's Jewelry in Richmond, and they are repairing the wedding band and fastening the two rings together. I will wear them on my right hand from now on. They are to be ready by the twenty-fourth, and I will be glad to get them back.

Wayne has a big Harley Davidson motorcycle which he seldom rides. He said the other day that he had thought about selling it and buying a scooter. I am safe from the motorcycle as it is too heavy for me to hold up, but I can just imagine my trying to ride a scooter. No telling what bad thing would occur.

Many, many years ago, when he was young, Danny had a trail bike. I thought that it would be fun to learn to ride it. It was summertime, so Danny, Terri, and their dad and I went to Washington School for me to learn to ride. I was cautioned about turning too sharply, so when I started toward the teeter-totter, I was afraid to turn and so ran headfirst into it. No damage, luckily.

I decided that I would practice driving it in our yard, which was softer than the playground in case of accidents. The day I was going to practice, I looked out the kitchen window and saw Danny had lined up the benches from the picnic table, and all the neighbor kids were settling in to "watch Danny's mom wreck." Needless to say, I didn't get on it that day or anytime in the future.

Wayne just got out of our most comfortable chair, so I am going to grab my book and a blanket and enjoy the afternoon.


Terri said...

Yeah, I don't think a scooter would be a good idea! I remember the trail bike incident very well. I was scared to death watching you head towards the teeter totters! I don't remember Danny setting up the picnic benches, but I can just see it. Thanks for the chuckle! Btw, it's 83 degrees and sunny here. Maybe you should start packing.

Anonymous said...

How about a trike? At least it has three wheels, can pull things, and carry things also. Makes it easy for short trips, long trips, fishing, camping, or whatever. 83 degrees sounds great. Phoenix had a high of 65 and low of 45. It has been a very cold winter for us.Although my family in Pa, RI, and NY tease me that I have forgotten what cold, snow, slush, etc is all about.