Friday, February 20, 2009


Pointers' Jewelry called yesterday afternoon to tell me my ring had been repaired and the two rings had been fastened together. This afternoon Wayne and I went to Richmond and got them. They did a great job; you can't tell the ring was ever damaged. We got to visiting with the owner, Roger, and ended up standing there talking for over an hour. He, his wife, and his sister, as well as the young girl who works for them, are all great people. We haven't actually talked to the man who does the repairs, but he does wonderful work.

Wayne told Roger about my adventure in Arkansas, and he had to tell his wife about it when she came in. My getting the ring stuck on my finger got lots of laughs, too. Roger kept telling Wayne to just bring me back whenever I got another one stuck, and he would cut it off for us. I'm glad I can be so entertaining for folks.

Then we got to talking about the "true" stories I told my kids about belly buttons and chickens with wooden legs, so now the folks at the jewelry store will probably never take me seriously.

When I had shoulder surgery, my pulmonary doctor, Larry Botts, asked me how I had injured it. He didn't believe me when I told him I injured it bull riding or sky diving, but when Wayne told him that I fell off a bar stool, he said that he could believe that. IT WAS NOT TRUE. I get no respect.

Yesterday I sent an email to one of my favorite authors to tell her how much I liked her books. I received an answer from her today. I can't believe that she took time from her busy schedule to write to me. Very impressive.

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