Friday, May 29, 2009


It has been brought to my attention that some of my readers, mostly ones with whom I email, sometimes get confused about whom I'm talking about. So, I decided to post a list of the people I mention the most. I hope this helps.

Wayne - Husband
Terri - Daughter, married to Don; Derek, their son, my grandson
Danny - Son who lives in Denver
Garret - Son in Air Force, currently stationed in England, married to Kalee
Kathy, Step-Daughter, but more like my own
Jim - Ex husband, but good friend
Charlie - Our friend, but mostly Wayne's. Plays and sings country. Pat, his wife
Teddy Bear and Jackie - Our dogs; Misty, my cat; Phoenix - Garret's used bird he bought at yard sale when he was in high school, but who lives with us now.

I think that is everyone I mention very often. I will try to bring this up to date today or tomorrow. Time has gone be so fast, and I am so far behind.

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