Thursday, September 17, 2009


I've been very lazy about blogging, and I had really thought that I would keep up with it. It has turned out to be a lot like a New Year's resolution - good intentions and lots of determination, but full of holes.

So much has happened over the last month or so.  Terri and Don haven't gotten their Texas home sold, but they did buy one outside of Richmond. The movers delivered their things last Friday, so they are all moved in, even though it will be a while before they are completely unpacked. They have lots of room and I think they are really going to love it there. The view from their family room and deck is out of this world. Some of their friends from Texas have promised to visit, so that is good, too.

Garret and Kalee were here for a month, but it didn't seem like it.  Time went by so fast.  They are now in Baltimore, and Garret is at work in his new post at Fort Meade.  He is still in Intelligence, but his job is completely different from what he was doing in England.  The hours are much better now.  He works five days a week from eight to four, instead of twelve hour days with revolving days off and shift work. They are both very happy about this new schedule.

They have found a row house they want to buy, and their offer has been accepted.  Now they are waiting for the inspection, etc.  The house has  been renovated, and the photos of it are gorgeous.

I still haven't made it to Denver to see Danny.  He is out of work right now, and he also has the flu.  His spirits are pretty low right now.  Wish I could wave a wand and make everything right for him.

It has felt a lot like Fall lately.  Temperatures have been in the seventies and the leaves from the Walnut trees are falling constantly.  We have to park the car in our lower drive because of the walnuts falling. We have three walnut trees which extend over where we prefer to park, and between the nuts falling on their own and the squirrels throwing down half eaten one, it is dangerous to even walk there.  So many have struck our roof that the dogs don't even react to them any more.

Next Friday evening, we are meeting for pizza some folks we worked with at the police department. It is a new place where we are meeting, so just for fun we drove out there one day to make sure we could find it. They had home made pies for sale, and we bought a blackberry pie.  It was the best pie I have ever eaten, and today we went back and got another one.  They are not baked; they are frozen and we have to thaw and bake them, so they are really fresh.  I warm a piece up in the microwave, and then add a little ice cream to it.  Soooo good.

It is getting close to time to take the dogs our for the last time before bed.  Talk to you soon.

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