Saturday, January 29, 2011

Holidays and Health

So much for all of my plans to keep my thoughts on life more up to date on here.  I just checked, and my last blog was in October. I really do need to blog more often.  I have great ideas to write about, but then I don't blog for a few months, and by then I have forgotten everything I had intended to talk about. 

A lot has happened in the last few months.  For Thanksgiving this year we decided not to cook a big dinner for just the two of us.  We decided to go to the truck stop in Cameron, so we did.

We ended up taking son Danny and his son Alan with us.  Alan's family had gone to his wife's family for the day, but he had decided to stay home.  I was glad that he and Danny went with us; it was fun.

Garret and Kalee had talked about coming back for Thanksgiving, but they decided not to make the long trip.  I'm always glad to see them, but I hated for them to make a twenty-two hour drive one way.  They are always tired when they get here, and the twenty two hour drive home is even more tiring.

This was the first time in years that Danny was able to be home for Christmas.  He went with us when my side of the family got together at Terri's and Don's a few days before Christmas.  Christmas day Wayne and I spent home alone.  We cooked a traditional Christmas dinner, and just relaxed.  It really was nice.  Danny spent Christmas morning with Alan and his family, so he got to see the kids open their presents. Kids make Christmas morning special.

We have had some pretty good snowfalls the last few weeks.  I believe they are calling for snow again the first of the week, and we still have lots left from the last storm.  Reminds me of the snows we had when I was a child.

Terri has gotten a job at Liberty Hospital, and will be undergoing training for another four weeks.  It is a part time job as a unit secretary, and she thinks she is going to like it quite well.

Danny still hasn't found a job, but he has sure applied a lot of places.  He is hoping he can get unemployment benefits before long, if he doesn't find something quickly.

I went for my six month visit with my primary pulmonary doctor this last Thursday, and the report wasn't good.  I knew my breathing had seemed worse to me, and he confirmed that it wasn't as good as on my last visit.  The bad part is that he said that there is nothing more he can do for me, other than medications to make it easier to handle the worst times.  I knew this was coming, but it was still a bit of a shock.  He gave me a medication to take for a month to see how I do on it, so I have to go back in March, instead of waiting six months.  I also have a new "worst times" prescription that I can take every six hours, as needed.  I shouldn't need it every day, only when the breathing causes panic attacks or extra stress. He has told me that shortness of breath is the most stressfull on the body.  Nice. Oh, well; I'm not in the grave yet, so it could be worse.

I've read some good books lately, as well as listened to several audio books that I really liked.  It is always so much fun to find a new author that you really like, and when you discover that he, or she, has written several books in the series it makes it even better.

Sorry I didn't have a lot of memories for you this time, Anna.  Have to think back on my life a little more.  Feel free to remind me of those days. lol      


Anna said...

Hey, girl, glad to see you blogging again! I always love reading your thoughts and they don't have to be about our childhood days....even though we did have some fun times!! I am praying for your health, dear friend! How long have you had emphysema? I think my husband Joe, was diagnosed in 1999. He does pretty well, just paces himself. He has oxygen at night when he sleeps, and sometimes during the day, when he's exerting. Do you remember Mary Williams? It's Mary Wollord now (her husband passed a way a few years ago.) We were good friends when in grade school at Isley. She's on facebook & we talk sometimes. Do you have any class pictures from Isley school? I've thought about scanning some and putting them on fb, but just haven't. Glad you have your family living close by. Sure means a lot as we get older. Will be waiting for more "ramblings" from you soon, I love them! Have you given any more thought to perhaps getting them published? I know your kids especially would love that, besides, if it was made available as a book/booklet, I'd buy it! Think about it. Was it last year that the tree fell on your truck? Ouch! I laughed at your adventure driving to Texas by yourself (I think it was Texas) when you got lost....probably not too funny at the time. I'm going to have to check out your older blogs and reread about these two incidents!

Ann said...

Thanks for all of your nice comments, Anna. I have had emphysema for over ten years; I can't remember when I actually learned that I had it. I am on oxygen full time, now. Was Mary Teddy's sister? I did have some pictures from Isley, but I'm not sure where they are right now. Wayne put up a lot of things I had packed away, and I'm not sure if they are in the basement, in our yard shed, or in our rented storage shed.

I'm glad that you got some laughs from my posts. If I had started posting sooner, I could have included pictures from when one of our dogs pulled me down, shattering two of my fingers and giving me two black eyes. You would have gotten a kick out of that.

Terri said...

I like Anna's idea of having all of these published and put into a book. Someone has a birthday coming up in March and what a wonderful gift that would be! hint hint