Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This past weekend was my high school fifty year reunion.  The two classes following our class combined their reunion with us, so my husband celebrated his forty-eight year reunion.

This was the high school homecoming, so we had a truck in the parade on Friday afternoon.  It was fun seeing all of us "old folks" climbing up to sit on the hay bales. There were pep songs sung, cheers chanted, and lots of waving to the crowds.  The truck bed was full, so some of the men walked the entire parade route behind the truck.  A couple of them looked as though they wished they hadn't been so quick to volunteer, but they all managed to smile and wave to the crowds and finish the parade.  Way to go, guys!

The local Quarterback Club was sponsoring a chili supper before the football game Friday night, and a lot of our former classmates were planning to attend both the supper and the football game. After spending the afternoon in a sunny, eighty plus degree afternoon, I didn't think I could handle much more.  Wayne was ready to get out of the heat, too, so we went home to take care of the dogs and get a cold drink of water for ourselves.  Then we went out to eat where we could sit down and be waited on.

Saturday evening we attended the "meet and greet" and the dinner.  We sat with my best friend from high school, Kitty,  and her husband, Larry.  There was lots of hugging, talking and laughing. Wayne and Kitty spent time walking around and talking to people, but Larry and I stayed at the table and let people come to us. I didn't want to carry my oxygen tank around, and Larry didn't know anyone but us, so that was fine with both of us.  Class group pictures were taken, and I am looking forward to seeing them.

All in all, it was a a lot of fun.  We saw a lot of people we hadn't seen for years and heard all about their kids and grandkids.  I think we should do it again in another fifty years.    


Anna said...

I just love reading your blogs! The High School Reunion was especially interesting. I saw the class group pic you posted on fb, but couldn't recognize very many, just you & Corky. I had to dig out one of my yearbooks to see who was in the 1960 graduating class. Rosalee Hokenstead (Brown now) was my youngest son's 2nd grade teacher at Isley school. That was some time ago. :) She was his favorite teacher!! Looking through my yearbook, I remembered a lot of the kids when I saw their names. I remember Kitty Wright, does she live around EX? So glad you all had such a wonderful reunion. Our 50th was last year, very enjoyable, too. We also rode in the Homecoming parade that year, not too chilly, and attended the football game that night. Almost froze, it was very cold and windy!! The dinner at the Middle School was catered and so nice. Jim Hutchings heads up the reunion committee and does an excellent job. I only helped with our 35th reunion at Watkins Mill Park. Sure doesn't seem like it's been 50 years ago that we were seniors in high school!! Now we're "seniors" but get senior discounts. lol Keep the blogs coming!

Ann said...

Thank you for your nice comments, Anna. I have to admit that even though I was there, I still couldn't remember who everyone was when I looked at the picture. It is funny how when I first saw some of my classmates at the reunion, I knew who they were because they looked like their parents, whom I could remember.